Abdullah Ahmed A. Balubaid & Partner for Lubricants Co. Ltd.

With an experience of over 70 years in The Automotive Industry, Balubaid determined the goal of its products to meet the highest standards in the ways that are viable for now and in the coming future.
We invest and collaborate in the developments of new products to keep up with latest market trends in order to satisfy the market demand.
At Balubaid, we have specifically tailored our product line for such organizations who are seeking on-time delivery, cost effective, best quality, and reliable products.

Our products range includes:

  • Automotive & Industrial Lubricants and Fluids
  • Automotive & Industrial Greases
  • Leaf Springs and Under Chassis Parts

Balubaid also uphold a policy of close co-operation with our customers, which has been the basis  for the ultimate success of the company.

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طبقاً للإدارة المركزية للسلامة المرورية بأمريكا فإن 22% من حوادث السيارات تكون نتيجة قصور في نظام الفرامل، ايش السبب؟
أهم الاسباب هي سوائل الفرامل المقلدة و الغير مطابقة للمواصفات. لا تجازف واستخدم سائل فرامل (واجنر21) الخيار الأول في المملكة لأكثر من 60 عام

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