About us


Balubaid offers high standard automotive and industrial products that ensure the safety of the passengers; specializing in lubricants, greases, and spare-part products. We strive to be the catalyst that puts the community into motion, enabling it to grow and prosper.

Since 1950



Since 1950, Balubaid strive to be a contributing and effective member in the growth and prosperity of our society because our community deserves quality products that enable it to connect and grow. At Balubaid, we have always focused on the quality of our products and delivering the best prices.  We have established our brand and now it is the time for development, we are heading towards the future, with a unified vision enabled with the courage to change and develop, the courage to get creative and expand in new products, and the courage to criticize ourselves to learn, and develop. To provide our customers with products based on high-end technologies, communicate with our customers using the latest trends to cope with the new century we live in.

Brand Mission

Provide highest quality products and invest in local and global collaborations, to enable a sustainable impact.

Brand Vision

Leading local and global industries of lubricants, industrial chemicals and spare-part products.




We measure our success by our partners’ success, as we base our work on long-lasting co-operations with trusted partners, yielding opportunities of mutual benefits to enable their success and expansion.


We lead as a team with our vision, experience, and heritage towards a unified goal of offering high quality products to our customers.


We earn the trust and respect of all of our stakeholders through our integrity and commitment, as we respect our customers and partners which leads to long-term mutual benefits.


We believe in the courage to merely take from our past what will help us change and develop for the future.