Balubaid and SACO In Strategic Partnership to Distribute Balubaid Products across SACO Retail Outlets.

Balubaid is pleased to announce its strategic agreement with SACO distributing Balubaid’s products across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to work towards our growth strategy, meeting our potential end-users’ convenience demands. 

SACO is a pioneer in the hardware retail and wholesale business, the largest total-solution home improvement superstore in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia established in 1985; which meets our customers’ convenience as they can find Balubaid’s products across 32 SACO retail outlets in 18 cities across the Kingdom, getting the best customer experience with SACO’s professional salespeople who offer comprehensive services, and delivering items directly to customers.

SACO benefits our consumers with products through a premium retail system. Our collaboration with SACO was based on our mutual goal of offering established high-quality products  for our consumers across the kingdom. This collaboration will contribute in offering our clients premium customer services through direct outlets across the kingdom